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Gas Heaters

This year, Australia is facing an atypical summer. There are fewer hot days than previous summers. This is the reason more homeowners are considering buying a gas heater.

Gas heating is an effective way to heat your home. Gas is a popular choice in Australian homes, as it is affordable when compared to other options on the market. It warms quickly, and can get to thermostatic controlled temperatures fast.

A gas heater can be the best source of warmth and comfort all through the season. This is why picking the right gas heating system for your home is the most crucial process and should be at the top in your checklist. Heating Experts are offering gas heater installation, maintenance and repair + replacement services to their clients throughout Australia. Advanced gas heating systems can be customised to meet the particular needs of your house, developing a world of difference in your comfort level.

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The Benefits of a Natural Gas Heater

Natural gas is a matter of choice for homeowners. It is safe, affordable and clean, and also an energy-efficient choice. Some of the top benefits of natural gas include cost-effectiveness and enhanced value when you sell your house. Gas heating systems utilize channels to spread warmth all through your home. They are made up of a genuine warming unit, protected channels that run from the focal radiator into the various rooms in your home, and a thermostat regulator that permits you to change the temperature.

Here are some more benefits of installing a gas heater by using professional services of Heating Experts, making it an absolute necessity to have in your home.

  • Competently warms your home

    Nothing can match the comfort of resting in a comfortable home. A few homeowners like heating up the whole house instead of only a portion of the rooms. Whichever you like, gas heating systems can undoubtedly do it. The customizable thermostat permits the users to set various temperatures in different rooms, relying upon what you need. In addition to the fact that this is helpful, you can save money on energy costs as well!

  • Functions in any weather conditions

    Gas Heating systems are versatile and can withstand crucial weather conditions. Your gas heater is made to work proficiently, despite the fact that there are freezing temperatures outside. You don't need to stress over expanding electricity bills brought about by inefficient heating systems, irrespective of the weather.

  • Gives clean air

    Gas heating systems give clean, dirt-free air for your home. They don't deliver smoke or dry air that could cause irritation and breathing issues that you may face with an indoor fire. With the warming unit arranged outside, there isn't any risk of fumes or strong odors floating through the house.

  • Increases home’s value

    One more benefit of installing a natural gas heater is that gas is a clean burner fuel. Indeed, it is less hazardous to the environment than wood, oil, or electricity generated from fossil fuels. Using gas heaters for your needs minimizes the demand for electricity.

  • Reliable and comfortable

    Gas heaters deliver warmth to the air at the register that is around 110+ degrees, which can efficiently heat up your space. You get a cozy, warm home in a shorter time span. Moreover, a great deal of gas appliances will keep working in the situation of a power breakdown.

  • Cost effective

    Gas heaters can be 60% more efficient than their electric counterparts (based on natural gas and electricity tariffs for VIC/NSW/SA/QLD Metro areas as at April 2013).

  • Better for the environment

    Gas is a better option over other fossil fuels with a low carbon footprint by comparison. If electricity is produced from solar or wind, then clearly this is a better option, but in Australia most of our electricity is produced in coal fired power stations. Apart from being a comparatively lower CO2 emitter, gas does not emit sulfur. Gas is a natural choice if your electricity is produced from coal fired sources.

  • Dependability

    Gas is a very dependable source of energy. Rarely does the gas go down and it’s uptime is much better than electricity. Even if the power goes out in the dead of winter, typical at this time of year to have storms, at least you’ll remain warm with your gas heater or furnace still running.

  • Efficient

    Arriving home on those winter evenings and waiting for your home to warm up can take some time. Gas heaters however are very efficient, they heat up quickly to temperature and heat the rooms in the house fast for your family’s comfort.

Why Choose Heating Experts?

Regular maintenance of the heating unit is a crucial step in keeping your home comfortable, functional, and efficient. We at Heating Experts offer different and affordable heater maintenance plans that are designed to deliver real results. Our experts provide top-quality tools, expertise, and techniques that will cover the full scope of your inspection needs. Here are some of the services that make us the top choice among the customers:

  • Enhance the overall efficiency and performance of your heating unit
  • Treat every customer like our very own family
  • Helps to improve the heating system’s expected lifespan
  • Ultimately reduce the amount needed to spend on future maintenance

We have you covered and cared for here at Heating Experts! Whenever you’re planning to switch to a natural gas, ducted or electric furnace, get in touch!

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