Gas Heaters

Gas heating is an effective way to heat your home. Gas is a popular choice in Australian homes as it is affordable when compared to other options on the market. It warms quickly and can get to thermostatic controlled temperatures fast.

What are the Benefits:

Cost effective - Gas heaters can be 60% more efficient then their eclectic counterparts (based on natural gas and electricity tariffs for VIC/NSW/SA/QLD Metro areas as at April 2013).

Better for the environment - Gas is a better option over other fossil fuels with a low carbon footprint by comparison. If electricity is produced from solar or wind then clearly this is a better option, but in Australia most of our electricity is produced in coal fired power stations. Apart from being a comparatively lower CO2 emitter, gas does not emit sulfur. Gas is a natural choice if your electricity is produced from coal fired sources.

Dependability- Gas is a very dependable source of energy. Rarely does the gas go down and it’s uptime is much better than electricity. Even if the power goes out in the dead of winter, typical at this time of year to have storms, at least you’ll remain warm with your gas heater or furnace still running.

Efficient - arriving home on those winter evenings and waiting for your home to warm up can take some time. Gas heaters however are very efficient, they heat up quickly to temperature and heat the rooms in the house fast for your family’s comfort.