About Us

Our Story

We began life working for a few insurance groups and a telco and got pretty good at it. They highly valued our contribution as a fixer-upper and we felt pretty inspired by this work. We got people comfy again in their homes and offices when their heater broke. So armed with this endorsement and experience we decided to set up Heating Experts to bring our skills and expertise directly to the market. Since then we have looked after thousands of Aussies and broadened our services to include regular maintenance and installations.

What we do

Fantastic customer service. We wanted to be different from our peers so we asked our customers “what’s super important to you”? They basically said the same sort of things. On-time, affordable and reliable. We made these things central to everything we do. So we have staff in the office who chase our infield technicians to make sure they’re running on time and always help them with their route optimisation and scheduling so they run on-time. If they are, we communicate this to our customers ahead of time because we know what’s going on. We have transparent and fixed pricing so our customers know exactly what they’re getting charged for and there are no sudden surprises. We have worked hard to make sure there’s transparency and no additional charges without consultation and time for our customers to consider their options. The last central theme is reliability. This means making the right assessment and diagnosis and discussing clearly with our customers what this means. Fixing it right the first time. And if there’s a problem standing behind our service with guarantees. To back this up we give on-time and workmanship guarantees. This is what we do; all our decision making revolves around the right outcome for our customers. This comes from communicating with our customers each step of the way.

We provide the following services:

  • Service and Preventative Maintenance
  • Breakdown and Repair Assessment
  • Installation and Removal
  • Carbon Monoxide Testing

Why Choose Us

Our Approach

Our locally based fully qualified technicians are our best asset. Our team work hard to coordinate the appointment time with our customers and techs so that everything goes as smoothly as possible. This local approach and use of our network operating facilities are what differentiates us from most of our competitors. We know that any frustration customers have, will emanate from a lack of contact and communication. So we removed this headache by adding more staff to our network operating centre. This has worked very well for us and our customers, it has also freed up our techs so they can focus on repairs, maintenance and installs by avoiding the administration(they hate it), they love to fix heaters and put a smile on our customers’ face when the job is done.

Our Assurance

We’re determined to back ourselves and we make no hollow promises. Heating Experts has invested heavily in technologies to streamline processes so our customers get the best customer experience. In addition to this, we also provide time and workmanship guarantees for your peace of mind. We do not want to replace old for new unless necessary either. This is a costly exercise. We only recommend this if the heater is unfixable, meaning it’s old, out of warranty, and the problems will start to mount up. Either way, if you need a new heater unit/parts and labour exceed the initial call-out then we’ll consult you and provide a quote (with a full or partial offset of the initial fee) for your consideration. We look after 1000’s of customers every year so a hard or pushy sell is not in our interests. We make the customer experience central to everything we do.

Our Terms of Trade

Our terms are laid out for all our customers to view, you can view our terms and conditions here.

We make it personal

At Heating Experts, we hear you. All our staff are highly trained. Our technicians are locally based and understand what’s important to you. We make all our processes transparent, we have nothing to hide and earning your trust is vital to what we do. We make thorough assessments and diagnose accurately and provide detailed quotes if there’s any additional parts or labour required. Because of this personality in our businesses DNA, we have customers returning from years ago or booking in their preventative maintenance with us. We have a dedicated team resolving any customer complaints and you can always email us on support@heatingexperts.com.au.

10 reasons for you to choose Heating Experts

  • Local Technicians - where no job is too big or small
  • Fully Qualified, Licensed and Insured
  • 35,000 plus satisfied customers
  • Friendly, and professional staff
  • Reliable, affordable and always available
  • Experts on most makes and models
  • Technology-driven for your convenience
  • Workmanship and On-Time Guarantees
  • Full range of heater services - repairs, maintenance and installations
  • Approved for work with three of Australia's largest insurance and telco groups

Our experienced staff and fully qualified technicians are ready to help you when you need us the most. Call us now on 1300 100 040 .

Workmanship and On-Time Guarantee

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

Your satisfaction is always our highest priority, so if at any point you feel that you haven’t received excellent customer service or we haven’t delivered on the work required then we will happily arrange another visit to your site at a convenient time for you.

Our guarantee to you is that we will leave you comfortable and with a solution that is desired.

With our exceptional customer service team and highly experienced on-site technicians, we are confident that you will be completely content with the work completed.

If you have any questions or concerns please call us at any point and we will ensure we’ll come out to you ASAP and have your unit working and your mind at ease.

Arrival Guarantee

Time is of the essence here, and we understand your time is precious to you. We never want to leave you waiting for us or left unsure of our arrival time. We always select a booking time and our technicians will advise you when the technician is approaching your property.

With only a few rare exceptions, if we have not arrived on-site within the allocated time and haven’t updated you with our estimated time of arrival, then we are absolutely happy to provide either a partial refund or credit to your job to ensure your satisfaction.