Heater Installations

Trustworthy and reliable advice is what you're looking for when making a big-ticket purchase decision like a new heating system. It is really important to choose the best option that is suitable for your home and your budget. Finally, the quality of the installation is very important as it determines to a great extent the long term efficiency and the service you get from the unit.

Let's discuss a couple of topics to consider while making a decision to install a heating unit. In some cases, it's a simple new for an old swap. It might be that you already have in the house or office setup, but the unit itself is old, out of warranty, and breaking down from time to time, and therefore needs replacing. As the infrastructure is in place, the decision is a bit easier because it's a replacement unit. Looking beyond the upfront cost, the long term benefits are favourable. Apart from reliability, the latest models are undoubtedly more efficient than 15+ year-old models and you'll see this reflected in the energy bill. Additionally, new models tend to come with a minimum of five-year warranty for peace of mind. With a new install from scratch, there are a few other factors to consider. Firstly, there are many makes and models on the market for each heating unit type and this will have to be narrowed down to what you prefer. In addition to this, things such as location, how many stories and size of the home, new build energy ratings, estimates on annual usage, allergies, noise, WiFi integration and your budget affect the cost of the heater installation. Our experienced techs are here to help you with these decisions.

Which system is right for you?

Heating Experts is here to help you make the right decision. Heating system installations are costly and hard to reverse so lots of time needs to be invested in asking questions, doing the research and obtaining quotes. Our local techs are fully qualified and experienced with all types of heaters including gas heaters, hydronic heating, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning, gas log heaters and much more. The technicians are always available to come to yours to discuss your options and tender a quote for your review and consideration. We love doing installations, there are tonnes of satisfaction seeing a new system installed and working effectively to warm a home or office environment. To better narrow down the field of choice have a look at the heating unit type section elsewhere in our website and give us a call to book a no-obligation consultation with one of our techs. Finally, and something really important about us is that we are not tied in any way to any of the big manufacturers. We're completely product agnostic and remain independent to the core meaning that when we visit to consult on a new installation we are happy to explore all the options for you.