Heater Repairs

Always at the worst possible time on a freezing cold day, when you need it the most, your heater breaks down. Of course! It's inevitable that at some point that trusty source of heat, be it gas, reverse cycle or hydronic heating, will need some love. We have you covered. Our support team are on standby to make fast and reliable repairs. We're qualified and accredited by the OEM's and repairing heaters makes up most of the bookings we get from our customers. Because the inconvenience to you and your family can be stressful we have our techs on standby ready to respond. As ever there's usually a high demand for techs on a super cold day when heating units are maxed out. That's why we have heaps of locally based techs who have worked for us for many years, on standby ready to respond. We take all the administration, scheduling and routing off of them so they can be efficient and effective in responding to our customers' needs.

How we do it

We confirm a convenient booking time with you and then schedule on of our local techs to attend to the job. You will have paid upfront for this fast and reliable service so that you can be guaranteed on-time support and good workmanship. Our tech will turn up at the allotted time and immediately they'll begin an assessment of the heating unit. This assessment is logged into our database and tested to see if there's a precedent. Having said this most of our techs have seen all the common problems a thousand times before, but retaining the knowledge and sharing amongst our workforce sets us apart. If the fix is straight forward and can be done in under an hour then you're covered. If it requires parts (older models or significant part as a specific compressor unit) and additional labour we will detail this to you in a report and if you ask us we'll provide a quote for you to carefully consider. You are under no obligation to continue using us at this point and we're happy for you to compare with others. We say this because we're confident in our skilful techs and we know we are very competitive on pricing. We look after thousands of customers a year so we're not in the business of looking to make an extra quick buck here or there. Our values are great customer service at an affordable price, reliability and professionalism.

When there's a breakdown of your heater it's always at the worst possible time, when it's freezing. Don't worry, Heating Experts is here to help! Call us on 1300 100 040 for fast and affordable repairs, we can make a booking at a time convenient to you with one of our qualified and licensed technicians.


See our simple, fixed and transparent pricing. We have made it easy to understand and our staff are very happy to answer your queries before a booking is made. We typically charge a card upfront to secure your booking with one of our local techs.

Our workmanship guarantee to you

We have hundreds of techs nationwide and 1000's of satisfied customers. The tech who comes to you is one of our trusted local techs, who's typically been with us for many years. We know them well and they're tried, tested, proven and therefore qualified by us. If your heater starts to fail or if any of the components break, Heating Experts can reliably repair so your comfort is restored fast. You can expect a qualified and skilled technician, with parts, who cares. Each technician is qualified in heating, gas, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) services. This is also very important; the OEM's warranty is invalid if any unlicensed repairs have been done on the unit. Because of these things, we are so confident that we offer a 100% guarantee on our workmanship.

What if my system is not worth repairing?

This is a big question because it can be an expensive one. If the heating unit is old, parts are hard or expensive to obtain or there's been a series of breakdowns indicating the unit is now symptomatic then it might be time to consider the options. New units have their advantages of course. They're more efficient in terms of energy consumption and optimal output (thermostats and inverters controlling these things). The advantages and disadvantages are discussed in our unit type section. The best thing we advise is for our customers to discuss the pros and cons of one of our techs when they're on site. We're happy to make recommendations and provide a quote for your careful consideration. There's no obligation either way and we're happy to simply field your questions and assist in the decision.

Footnote on CO (Carbon Monoxide) Poisoning

We strongly recommend that you get a regular Carbon Monoxide (CO) test done. We recommend this on new and old models because the consequences of CO build up in your home or office can be fatal. Our techs are all qualified to perform this test and we suggest that it's done once a year as a minimum. They'll do it on all gas appliances as they're looking for any leaks or buildup of gas in the gas system and surrounds. We also recommend a CO alarm be fitted. This is because unlike natural gas, CO has no smell or taste so you're not aware of it until you feel unwell.