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Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Are you seeking an air conditioning system to make your home cooler in summers and cozy & comfortable in winters?

The installation of a ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system by our Heating Experts could be the perfect choice to optimize the temperature with one click.

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning is the best solution for weather control with a property and makes sure that every room has the perfect temperature throughout the year. With isolated zone regions that can be set off within the system, cooling and heating your place has never been so simple. Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems are centered on convenience and assure a better air quality throughout the place.

We’re lucky indeed to live in a fabulous country, we have wonderful weather - best described as temperate. We spend much of it outdoors, but there’s no doubt that we need our home comforts when we go home to relax and for this, we need our air conditioner. The opposite applies at work, where we need an optimal temperature to be productive and concentrate.

Hot or cold, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is the best choice you can make to match our Aussie climate. A reverse cycle air conditioner does exactly what it says on the tin, Cools air in the summer months and warms air in the winter months.

The system has an outdoor unit, ducts take the air through the premises to vents in the floor or ceiling. The unit is powered by gas and controlled by a remote or a wall mounted control panel, setting, amongst other things, the mode and desired room temperature.

How Does Ducted Air Conditioning System Work?

Unlike the typical split system units, ducted reverse cycle air conditioning units function to deliver an entire home solution that can cool multiple areas and rooms all through an easy to use AC system. These air conditioning systems have two systems in them – a ceiling mounted interior duct system in every room all over the home and an outdoor compressor that is placed outside the home to power the air conditioning system seamlessly all through the space.

The key thermostat controls are installed in an easy to reach location such as the living room wall or kitchen wall and is used to set apart the air in designated rooms, and to manage the temperature and operations of the reverse cycle air conditioning unit.

Zone control permits for various areas to be fixed within your property and for air flow to be moved to these areas as needed. Every ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system has a certain amount of available zones and these regions can be tailored for every system to match your exact demands and living conditions.

Say, if you work from home and want a specific zone to be cool throughout the day; that zone can be air conditioned and isolated in order that the other areas and bedrooms that are not in use are not unnecessarily cooled or warned. Ducted reverse air conditioning units are a favourite choice for homeowners searching for ways to cool their homes in hot summer months and warm the place during freezing winters.

The Benefits of Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

  • Warm in winter, cool in summer - this is possibly the biggest advantage of a reverse cycle system; you can heat and cool with one unit. And in Australia, where you can have four seasons in a day, this is a big advantage. In some parts and locally, you might have the heating running first or last thing with a bit of cooling during the middle of the day.
  • Efficient - we have this incredible temperate climate, which means running both heating and cooling systems. A reverse cycle ducted system is a good return on initial investment; because it can do both jobs. The systems are durable, and you can expect many years of trouble-free service from them. Most today come with 5-year warranties, too. Each brand is different, but broadly speaking you can expect to get three or more kWH out of every one kWH of electricity. We can make these comparisons available by brand on request.

    The only word you’ll hear when speaking about the reverse cycle units is “efficiency”. They are efficient in terms of heating, saving costs over time, and cooling. The latest reverse cycle air conditioning units are becoming more efficient with time, specifically in terms of cost and energy consumption, making them an excellent investment in health and comfort. And as the prices of electricity are continually increasing, air conditioner efficiency is becoming increasingly important.

  • Reverse cycle ducted air conditioners help purify the air - When considering a new system, one needs to look carefully at some of the integrated air purifying features in the new systems. Australia has a dusty and smoky environment, and these new systems can purify the air. Some of them also remove odors and can absorb and deactivate bacteria and viruses. We live in a country with one of the highest rates of asthma and allergy occurrences in the world so these new innovations are well suited to our environment.
  • Flexible & Adaptable - As part of a drive for energy efficient units, many advanced reverse cycle air conditioning units include advanced inverter technology and thermostats, which means they are flexible and adaptable to the conditions and temperature of the room. Inverter technology delivers the best energy efficient ways to cool and heat your property using electricity.
  • The inverter technology - unlike the typical air conditioner’s on/off operations, functions like the accelerator of a car, mildly adjusting the power to reach the required temperature quicker. And then, maintaining it steadily without fluctuations, for more efficient functioning and uninterrupted comfort.

Why Us?

At Heating Experts, we offer top-quality services of installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of ducted reverse cycle air conditioning at reasonable prices. Our team consists of a group of well-trained and experienced professional technicians, who can handle all air conditioner problems and resolve them.

  • With years of experience with ducted system air conditioning installation, service, and repair in Australia, your job is definitely in trusted hands.
  • Same day bookings to install or repair your air conditioning system.
  • Team of highly qualified technicians that are experts in working on all makes and models.

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