Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

We’re lucky indeed to live in the best country, we have wonderful weather, best described as temperate. We spend much of it outdoors, but there’s no doubt that we need our home comforts when we go home to relax and for this we need our air conditioned. The opposite applies at work where we need an optimal temperature to be productive and concentrate.

Hot or cold, a ducted reverse cycle air conditioner is the best choice you can make to match our Aussie climate. A reverse cycle air conditioner does exactly what it says on the tin. Cool air in the summer months and warm air in the winter months.

The system has an outdoor unit, ducts take the air through the premises to vents in the floor or ceiling. The unit is powered by gas and controlled by remote or a wall mounted control panel, setting amongst other things the mode and desired room temperature.

The benefits in a bit more detail:

Warm in winter cool in the summer - this is possible the biggest advantage of a reverse cycle system is that you can heat and cool with the one unit. And in Australia, where you can have four seasons in a day this is a big advantage. In some parts and locally, you might have the heating running first or last thing with a bit of cooling during the middle of the day.

Efficient- we have this incredible temperate climate, which means running heating and cooling systems. A reverse cycle ducted system is a good return on initial investment because it can do both jobs. The systems are durable and you can expect many years of trouble free service from them. Most today come with 5 year warranties too. Each brand is different, but broadly speaking you can expect to get three or more kWH out of every one kWH of electricity. We can make these comparisons available by brand on request.

Reverse cycle ducted air conditioners help purify the air- When considering a new system one needs to look carefully at some of the integrated air purifying features in the new systems. Australia has a dusty and smoky environment and these new systems can purify the air. Some of them also remove odors and can absorb and deactivate bacteria and viruses. We live in a country with one of the highest rates of asthma and allergy occurrences in the world so these new innovations are well suited to our environment.