Heaters are an integral part of any Australian house. They make you feel cosy in the chilled winters. Installing a suitable heater in your house not only keeps it warm in winters but also adds to its resale value. But the heater selection and installation process are confusing for many people. Don't worry! Heating Experts, in this article, has tried to make things easier for you.

1) For Enclosed Rooms

Most people prefer enclosed bedrooms and study rooms for themselves. The enclosed spaces require a different heating system than the opened ones. They are easier to heat and convenient to maintain the temperature for a longer duration.

Heaters using rooms’ natural airflow will best operate in closed spaces. For that matter, heaters utilizing the convection radiation method are most suitable. There will be a passive transfer of heat into the room's atmosphere.

Micathermic panel heaters and convection heaters are reliable for enclosed spaces. They are electric and do not emit any noise. But these are not not suitable for you in case you have children or pets.

2) For Living Rooms and Hallways

Living rooms and hallways generally cover a larger portion of the house. Maintaining the temperature in hallways is not an easy job. Most people want this task to be done by some aesthetic yet efficient heater. So the selection of heaters for these spaces gets a bit confusing.

If your budget is on the small side, gas log fires are for you. Rinnai has a vast range of gas log fires. They are easy to maintain and efficient in operations.

The infrared heaters are also becoming more fashionable these days. People typically use them for large spaces. The latest models really do look like they are burning wooden logs. This makes them more aesthetically pleasing as well as a good source of heat.

3) For the Entire House

A uniform central heating system is a prerequisite for heating the entire house. For that matter, having an in-built system of ventilation ducts and heating chambers is best. If you lack one, you first need to install it.

Heaters using radiant heating are not efficient here. Neither are the ones that passively heat the air. Ceramic fan-forced heaters can propel the air through all the heating chambers. These fans can be controlled remotely or have multiple fan settings. Many brands in the market provide efficient heat propellers.

You need to keep in mind that the central heating system, once installed, can be used for cooling the house as well. All you need to do is exchange the heaters with air conditioners.

4) For Multi-Storey Houses

Like one house, the heating system for a multi-storey home or building is based on a central heating system. The central heating system should be consistent throughout the building. The propelling system needs to be even more powerful.

Brivis and Bonaire are two industrial brands that specially deal with heating systems in multi-storey buildings. Convection, as well as direct radiant heat, can be circulated throughout the building.

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