Your heating and cooling system is supposed to provide maximum comfort, so your home feels pleasant to reside in. Add to the comfort of a temperature-controlled environment by having the convenience of adjusting the temperature from anywhere in the house. Brivis Controllers give you the power to make it cooler or warmer with a simple click of a button.

Brivis Controllers at your fingertips

In the era of smart devices, home automation is the future. Controlling your devices from afar is a privilege that is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Brivis Controllers provide the best remote temperature control experience. Here are the different types of Brivis Controllers available for an excellent experience:

1) Brivis Touch™

The Brivis Touch™ comes with a high-resolution screen display that is touch sensitive and ZonePlus™ compatible. This means you can adjust the temperature by simply using the touchpad screen. The device can be connected via Wi-Fi and enables a comprehensive way to control the Brivis Ducted Gas Heater, the Evaporative Cooler, and the Dual Comfort System.

2) Brivis Touch™ Wi-Fi

The Brivis Touch™ Wi-Fi kit takes the touch experience to a whole new level by allowing you to control temperature settings from anywhere by linking the touch system to your mobile phone. The connectivity also means that multiple users can alter the settings as any mobile device linked to the system can become your very own remote control.

3) Brivis Networker

The Brivis Networker is a great option if you prefer a rotary dial for ease of use. This control system is highly accessible and can be used by even the least tech-savvy individuals. The display screen has Electro-Luminesce (EL) technology powered backlight, which means you can change the settings even in the pitch dark. The networker can control both the heating and the cooling system.

4) ZonePlus™

If you wish the control system to be more flexible so it can accommodate different preferences, then the ZonePlus™ technology is the way to go. This groundbreaking system creates four independent control zones so temperature management can be tailored to each area. This maximizes comfort for people with different temperature requirements and helps to conserve energy as well. The ZonePlus™ is compatible with the Brivis heating and cooling systems.

5) GDH Programmable

The GDH Programmable system can either be manual or automatic, and it allows you to set the temperature, heating, or cooling for a specific period. The heating or cooling gets turned off or on depending upon the programming done. This is a simple mechanism with tremendous utility.

6) GDH Manual

If you are seeking a simple thermostat for controlling the heating, then the GDH Manual is the answer. This device has a sleek and simple design with a large display screen for perfect visuals.

7) Evap. Programmable

The Evap. Programmable provides automatic or manual controls for the cooling system. With the automatic mode, you can ensure a comfortable cooling temperature that can be programmed to turn off at a predetermined time.

8) Evap. Manual

A simpler way of controlling the cooling system is through the Evap. Manual. This control system comes with the option to turn on or off the fan and the pump. You can also change the speed of the fan by using a simple rotary dial for added convenience and customization.

With so many options available, it can be a tough decision. However, you can make the right choice based on your personal needs. If you only need controls for the cooling system, then go for the Evap. options, or perhaps you need more individual settings, which makes the ZonePlus™ the best option. Whatever the case, Brivis has got you covered when it comes to controlling the home temperature system with the touch of a button and achieving comfort.