“Everything in Australia wants to kill you” is just a meme and nothing else. Well, yeah, Australia possesses diversity in terms of spiders, snakes, sharks, crocodiles, etc. However, the chances of having an encounter with them are slight. Similarly, there are "myths" about the central AC systems, and to be honest, they are just myths.

Here are some common things you may have heard about central AC systems that are incorrect.

Some Common Myths About Central AC Systems

1) Modern Central AV Systems Require A Lot Of Remodeling

Alright, here is the first and most common myth about central AC systems; older homes cannot accommodate the modern networks of bulky air ducts. Also, if you want to install a central AC system in such premises, you may have to go through extensive and expensive remodelling, which also includes dropped ceilings.

People once had to compromise the architectural integrity of their houses in order to install a central AC system. However, that is not the case anymore. That is because the modern high-velocity HVAC systems with small-diameter ducts mean the central AC system installation is now much easier. In a nutshell, you don’t have to remodel your home for central AC system installation.

2) Central Air Conditioning Is Quite Expensive To Operate

There is also a misunderstanding that central air conditioning is pretty expensive to operate. Well, the actual reason is; the ducts in the HVAC system are always prone to air leaks. When this happens, the efficiency of your HVAC system decreases by a whopping 25 per cent. Ultimately, homeowners end up paying higher bills; that's very frustrating.

However, this issue is 100 per cent solvable. For starters, never compromise on the quality when you are purchasing and having your HVAC system installed. It is better to hire experienced professionals like Heating Experts to do the job efficiently. Also, regular maintenance and inspection will keep these problems at bay.

3) Every Cooling System Has The Same Functionality

This is not true either; conventional air conditioning systems are good enough in providing satisfactory cooling, but they are not efficient in controlling humidity. You may be wondering why we are talking about humidity. Well, the answer is simple; when the humidity is on the higher side, your AC has to work harder and longer to achieve and maintain your desired temperature.

On the contrary, the latest central AC systems are capable of removing moisture up to 30 percent more than the traditional ones. This not only saves energy but also gives you more comfort. You may also be amazed to hear that one degree reduction in your HVAC system temperature can reduce energy consumption by 3 per cent.

4) The Central Air Conditioner Produces A Lot Of Noise

Well, to be honest, this was absolutely true if we talk about traditional cooling systems. It can be very frustrating when you want to sleep, or concentrate while studying, and your AC is producing irritating noises.

However, the good news is, modern central Air conditioning systems are way less noisy. In fact, some of those high-quality units are completely noise-less. That is why Heating Experts recommends you never compromise on quality if you want satisfaction and peace of mind.

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