In Australia, more than 80% of homes use electric heaters or gas. Although most advanced heating and cooling systems are dependable, eventually you’ll encounter maintenance problems with your ducted heating system.

What do you do if your ducted heating system is not blowing hot air? The mechanism to figure out what is wrong with your heating system is called troubleshooting. Detecting the reasons can be helpful for an efficient repair procedure.

Basics of a ducted heating system

Heating systems are simple. They make the air hot using a heating coil or flame, and then a fan blows that air through the room. This is why the term “forced-air” is linked with heaters. Here are some steps you can take if your ducted heating system is not blowing hot air.

1. The heating system is blowing cold air

First of all, confirm that the thermostat is working. You must make sure that the fan control is not set to “on” but on “auto”. If the thermostat seems set right, switch off your heating system at the thermostat and check out the filter. If it is clogged or full of dirt, replace it. If it is clean, move on to the other parts of the heating system. If your heating system is too old, check its pilot light and attempt to relight it. For a new heater, check its electric ignition settings. To relight the pilot light on an old ducted heating system, do this by looking for the dial with “on”, “off” and “light” mode.

2. Ducted heating system is not turning on

Always try to ensure the thermostat is “on”and there is no dirt on the filter. These are the primary steps to resolve a problem. After checking the filter and thermostat, check the “electrical box”. If you don’t feel confident checking the working of a fuse (such as if it has been tripped), hire a professional ducted heating technician from Heating Experts. If you see that nothing is wrong, look at your ducted heating system. Make sure the heater is on. The switch might get flipped and the heater is off. If that’s the situation, turn the heating system back on. If it has batteries and power, open up its sides.

Some heaters have a reset switch that may have been flicked. If you have a heater like this, read about its model and try to hit the reset tab. If this doesn’t work, contact a professional repair person from Heating Experts in order to understand your problem in a better way.

3. Other common issues

Heating systems as they age will ultimately have issues. Daily maintenance is imperative to make sure that these issues don’t show up earlier than they should. The other common issues with heating systems are; filters, and thermostats not working properly. They must be replaced regularly for the heaters to work efficiently. If you don’t do that, your ducted heating system will not blow hot air. Your heater could have a broken heat exchanger. This is the sort of fix that you must definitely hire a professional to examine.

The Final Verdict

In conclusion, although most issues are pretty easy to handle, even these can be a big problem if you don’t have sufficient knowledge. Hiring an HVAC repair person from Heating Experts can be the best idea to handle your ducted heating system problems. Common heater problems, like when a ducted heating system is not blowing hot air, can be easy to troubleshoot. To save yourself from huge expenses, contact our Heating Experts to get back up and the best services. Call us on 1300 100 040.