If you are relying on a gas furnace for heating your house, then keep one fact in mind: it won't work without electricity. A lot of people have this misconception that a gas furnace only works on gas and can heat the house without power, but it's not true. If the gas furnace doesn't have electricity, it won't be able to heat your house.

Following are the main reasons why a gas furnace doesn't work without electricity.

  • The blower fan motor requires electricity

The main reason why a gas heating system doesn't work without electricity is the process of how the gas heater works. A Blower motor is an essential part of a gas furnace that powers the blower fan. The blower fan spreads the heat everywhere. And this blower motor can't work without electricity. Without this motor, the gas furnace will be able to produce heat but that heat won't be dispersed. And when there is no blower fan,  the furnace will overheat and won't be able to operate efficiently.

  • Modern ignition systems

Now, the modern furnaces also require electricity to light their burners. The modern gas furnaces no longer use standing pilots. Nowadays, the gas heating systems operate on electronic ignition systems. In modern gas furnaces either intermittent pilots are used, or hot-surface igniters handle the job of igniting the furnace. The modern ignition systems are both safe and more energy efficient. But they can't operate without electricity. So if you also have a modern gas furnace, it won't work without electricity.

  • The gas valve

In some modern furnaces, there is a safety gas valve that safely makes the gas flow through the pipes. It prevents the irregular flow of gas, and doesn't allow it to escape into the system without an electricity guide, which will help to prevent any damage in the system. If there is no electricity, this valve won't allow the gas heating system to work.

  • The Digital Thermostat

The thermostat is another important part of the gas furnace that helps the furnace to operate efficiently. And without electricity, the thermostat will cease to function; meaning you will not have any control over the amount of gas in the furnace and the temperature of your house. When you can’t control gas through the thermostat, the gas valve will automatically shut down to prevent any danger.

To Conclude

These are the reasons why your gas furnace won't operate without electricity. So, when there is no electricity, use generators to make your gas furnace work. But if your gas furnace isn't working even with a power supply, it means you need to schedule a gas heater service. If you have a modern furnaces, and you need any sort of repair or maintenance, then contact Heating Experts. We are offering the best services for your gas furnace. Whether you need a gas heater service, re or new system installation, we will help you with all. Call us on 1300 100 040.