Who doesn't love an energy-efficient home that isn't just comfortable but safe all year round? As the weather turns colder and the temperature drops, you will find yourself wanting to stay warm indoors. We all make mistakes while heating our homes, but some of them are more costly than others. Mistakes/errors that are made while heating your home may be obvious, but it costs both your comfort and money,

Here are some of the most common home heating mistakes that homeowners usually make; Heating Experts recommends you to follow these tips and start saving money and keep yourself warm in these winters.

1) Leaving HVAC System Running

Nobody likes to return home after a long tiring day that is as cold inside as it's on the outside. To avoid this, the majority of homeowners prefer leaving their heater on full power all day, even when the family isn't around. This doesn't just put a strain on the system, but wastes money and energy. You don't have to turn off the HVAC system completely; instead, try opting for a programmable thermostat. It will allow you to lower the temperature when you are away and raise it when you are on your way back home. A programmable thermostat doesn't just fix this common error but enhances the efficiency of the HVAC system.

2) Closing Your Curtains

Sounds intriguing, right? We all keep the curtains closed to keep out the cold. But, aren't we supposed to do it during the nighttime? Don't undervalue the importance of solar heat.  During the daytime, that extra boost of sun heat can keep your home warm. Moreover, we all love a bright sunny day that brightens up our mood. It may help you to avoid turning up the thermostat.

3) Lack of Maintenance

Some mistakes have a far greater impact than others. Even the heating system requires preventive maintenance to work at its best. Regular inspection and cleaning help in enhancing the power and efficiency of the heating system. Your system will certainly have to exert more effort to move the air in your home if the system is damaged.

4) Leaving the Windows Unsealed

You won't lose heat if you keep your windows locked and shut tight. Do whatever you can to keep the air from leaving while the wind and cold are constantly blowing against them. Do you have any storm windows? Make use of them.

5) Turning Up the Thermostat

Yes, your heating system has the potential to convert your home into a steamy sauna, it doesn't mean you should allow it. No matter how powerful and efficient your heating system is, using it at maximum capacity will degrade its efficiency and shorten the lifespan of the HVAC system. You have the option of being tremendously warm right now or being comfortable in the long run.

6) Negligence in Changing the Air Filters

Your heating system will not perform efficiently if it has a blocked air filter, which will quickly increase your energy bill. This happens to disrupt the operation of your HVAC system and affect the quality of indoor air, causing asthma and other respiratory problems. You need to keep a check on it after every 60 days.