There are many homeowners out there who don’t realize the importance of having a heater. Besides keeping your home warm and toasty during the cold season, a heater offers other essential benefits as well.

Most furnaces today come equipped with excellent humidification technology, allowing them to eliminate indoor air contaminants that affect your indoor air quality. Most of the heaters are also highly durable, reliable, and incredibly energy efficient.

It is quite easy to see why your heater is usually one of your most important and valuable investments. However, despite its unrivaled importance, HVAC systems usually develop a number of issues, particularly if they are not adequately maintained or poorly serviced. And of these problems is always your failing to heat your home evenly. Temperature imbalance inside your home can be an extremely frustrating experience.

But what could be causing your heater to heat unevenly? Below are a few potential causes of this annoying scenario:

1) A wrongly-sized heater or ductwork:

A heating unit that is either larger or smaller than the capacity of your house won’t heat your entire home evenly. Whereas an oversized heater will only consume lots of energy without heating your home effectively, a smaller heater will not create a stable airflow in the ductwork system.

Smaller-sized ductworks usually restrict the free circulation of the heated air, making some of your rooms to be warmer than others. On the other hand, larger ductworks will create a dramatic drop in air pressure, thereby limiting the amount of hot air that reaches distant rooms. It is always important to seek the services of a qualified heater installation expert to help choose the right-sized heater that will effectively heat your premises.

2) Poor insulation:

If your house is poorly insulated, the chances are always high that your heater won’t heat your home effectively. If your home is unable to retain warm air, your heater will always strain or work harder to achieve the desired temperature requirements. And this also implies that you’ll see a significant increase in your monthly energy bills. You’ll have to contact your local heater service provider to help you find an answer to your insulation issues.

3) Clogged or dirty air filter:

Over time, the air filter in your furnace will collect dirt, dust, as well as other debris. Ultimately, all these impurities will restrict the free circulation of warm air, causing some of your rooms to remain cooler because it will keep the heated air trapped in your heating unit and ducts.

Restricted airflow results in uneven heating, with the distant rooms getting the least amount of heat. Heating and cooling professionals highly recommend that you should have your heater’s air filters changed every one or three months during periods of heater use. As always, the air filters must be changed by a qualified and experienced heater maintenance technician.

4) Short cycling:

Sort cycling refers to a scenario where your heating and the cooling unit starts and subsequently shut off in quick succession before completing a full heating cycle. There are several causes of this particular problem, but the ultimate result is usually the same; your heating system won’t operate long enough to effectively distribute warmth throughout your home.

You should act pretty fast to have your heater diagnosed by an experienced heater repair professional. A professional repair will not only help boost your heater’s efficiency, but will equally solve your uneven heating issue.

5) Your heater might be too old!

On most occasions, uneven heating from a heating unit is a tell-tale sign that your heater is almost approaching the end of its service life. As its heating prowess declines, you’ll realize that the rooms distant from the ventilation network won’t heat as effectively as it’s needed. If your heater is more than 12 years old, you should act fast and have it examined by a qualified heater service and maintenance technician. You’ll get an honest answer regarding whether you need to repair or replace that particular heater. Call us on 1300 506 984