Is your furnace creating a loud buzzing noise, or is it just making a crackling or humming noise? Multiple common noises might be coming from a heater. While it may not be a concern, it's always good to have these things checked out just in case with a professional heater service, since inspections are much less costly than an actual heater repair.

Inspecting Furnace Noise Problems

Your heater includes a transformer box. When it's dying or not fastened correctly, it may create a lot of noise. You can resolve a badly mounted box using a screwdriver. Keep in mind that when the transformer itself has to be replaced, then you need to call in a heater specialist.

The capacitor could also be broken which may cause the engine to buzz. Call in an expert to replace the capacitor, which can be rather simple and cheap to replace.

If the blower engine has blown, it'll frequently buzz or hum if the power to the furnace has been switched on. Fixing a motor is complex and needs one to disconnect the old wires and eliminate the engine shaft in the blower casing. This is a job for an expert HVAC specialist.

Additional Common Furnace Noises

Now that you know more about how your furnace works, here is a list of the top four common heater noises that you may have.

1) Crackling Noise

If your furnace is still creating a crackling sound, it might still be functioning normally. You might notice a crackling sound coming out of the heater just after shutdown. This noise may be the duct's cooling system after turning on. Focus on when the noise occurs. If it repeatedly happens, you may have a problem.

2) Humming Noise

The motor running could simply be the cause of the buzzing sound that you hear. This noise may be a consequence of improper lubrication. Switch off your engine and check it if it's adequately chilled that you can touch it.

3) Clicking Noise

This noise may be a symptom of a faulty fire detector or a defection between the ignition and the gasoline. Get it checked out by a professional heater service to maintain absolute safety.

4) Knocking Noise

Your furnace creating a knocking sound or a loud bang or pop when starting up might mean issues with the expanding and contracting of your air ducts. While this can be normal, you should probably get it checked out.

If dirt builds on your furnace burners it may delay ignition and cause gas to accumulate. When it will ignite you may hear a loud bang or pop. If this particular heater problem is not dealt with quickly and professionally, this procedure could crack or harm the heat exchanger, which may be costly to fix.

Closing Comments

These are merely a few of the noisy sounds your heater can create. If you hear any sounds that concern you personally, please do not be hesitate to contact our Heating Experts on 1300 506 984. Whether a furnace is creating a loud buzzing sound or a different odd noise, sorting out things early can prevent other possible problems from happening and also save you some money down the road.