A broken cooling system – is probably the last thing anyone wants to hear. Keeping the heat aside, the cost of upgrading a split system will probably make you sweat more. Split air conditioners are widely used in both businesses and homes in Australia. The technology of the split system is popular due to its ease of operation and high capacity for cooling.

We have put together a list of some maintenance tips and tricks that keep your split system running smoothly during the summer season.

1) Replacing Air Filters

Air filters are one of the vital components of the split system. Clogged air filters affect the efficiency of the cooling system. Depending upon the climate conditions, airborne bacteria may grow inside the ducts - posing a health risk. Thus, replacing air filters will allow the air ducts to vent, cool, and clean the air.

You can change the air filter every month or two depending upon the usage of the split system. Also, you can clean the air filters by removing grime and other dust particles.

2) Turn Off the Cooling Unit

There are times when you will be using your split air conditioners at peak, and then the time will come when you will finish using  them until next summer. Thus, you should always switch off the system at the power supply during the off-season. Turning off the power supply ensures that the cooling unit will not use any energy when it’s not in use. Moreover, when you turn off the split system at the power supply, it won't have any problems when you turn it back on.

3) Have it Serviced

The air conditioning system usually does not require as much servicing as the conventional ones but, they should be serviced every few years - enhancing their longevity. Getting the cooling system serviced by a professional team and having regular maintenance will ultimately allow the system to function optimally throughout the year.

4) Cleaning of Compressor

The compressor of the split air conditioner system does the whole job – cooling the air in your house. Maintenance and keeping the compressor clean is vital as it ensures the efficient functioning of your split system. With that, replacing or cleaning the compressor enhances the cooling and improves the quality of air.

5) Clean the Coil

When the heat passes via the split system, an evaporator coil tends to absorb the heat and then cools it before circulating the air into the area via the blower. The evaporator coil and condensers are vital components for the continuous functioning of the cooling system. Over time, they tend to accumulate grime and dirt that prevents the system from functioning. So, replacing or cleaning the coils will improve the air circulation.

The Takeaway

As a homeowner, you will be able to carry out some maintenance tasks. But, leave the technicalities for the professionals.  If you are looking for a professional service for your split system, then get in touch with our professional team at Heating Experts.

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