Energy efficiency is very important whether it is for light bulbs, heating systems, or any other appliance. It is important to keep all your home appliances highly efficient so you can get better performances at very low costs. To increase the efficiency of your heater, make sure that you upgrade from an outdated system. You will also need to focus on routine heater services and heater maintenance to ensure that the heater never breaks down in the depths of a cold spell. There are certain ways to keep your heater highly efficient.

Here are the three best ways to increase the efficiency of the heater.

1. Change the Air Filter

Almost every heater has air filters that keep dust, dirt, and debris out of the heater system and your house. Since the air filters capture dirt and dust, they can get clogged quickly. It can drastically reduce the efficiency of your heater. But if you keep changing the air filter every one to three months, this will prevent dirty air filters from slowing down your heating system. Clogged filters also force the unit to work harder to force air through your home. This can result in wear and tear in your system. Therefore, it is very important to change the air filters regularly to increase the efficiency of the heater.

2. Keep adjusting the thermostat

The thermostat is the key to keeping your heater's efficiency high. You will be amazed to know that you can save 10 percent on your utility bill simply by turning the thermostat down about 10 degrees at night, and when you are away from home. But if you have a manual thermostat you can't adjust the thermostat of the heater. Therefore it's better to replace your manual device with a smart thermostat. So, you can easily adjust the thermostat and increase the efficiency of the heater. Smart thermostats even provide energy reports, so you can save more.

3. Upgrade the heater from an outdated system

If you want to increase the efficiency of the heater then the best way is to upgrade it from an outdated system. New heating systems meet national standards for efficiency and can help you save a lot. But it is important to first consult with a heater technician about the condition of your existing heating system. The heater technician will guide you about which system you should upgrade to. They will also help you buy the right size of heater for your house. So, if you have an old heater of more than 10 years old, it can cost you a lot to run and can be very low on efficiency. Make sure to upgrade it right now to make it highly effective.

Final thoughts

To make your heaters highly efficient, first make sure that it is upgraded from an outdated system. You will also need to focus on routine heater service and maintenance to ensure that the heater never drops its efficiency. Heating Experts can help you with preventative maintenance service, so your heater always remains highly efficient. Call us at 1300 100 040.