Heating systems are a blessing, especially during the cold months of June and July. But the hassle of leaving your bed to check your heating system, again and again, is an arduous task, especially at night time. Imagine you have installed a Brivis ducted heating system at your residence, and all of a sudden, it stops working. It can’t get worse than that! A lot of customers have reported such issues regarding Brivis ducted heaters.

Let’s figure out why your Brivis ducted heater is not working. We will also suggest some easy-to-apply remedies so you can enjoy a comfort-filled calm sleep.

1) Power Supply Maintenance

The power supply is the main source behind the running of a ducted heating system. So, if your Brivis ducted heater is not working, then an electric power supply cut or tripped circuit breaker can be the reason. The first step is to check the breaker box with utmost care. Don’t try to do it by yourself; instead, just look for the status of the circuit breaker. Only check either circuit breaker is tripped or blown. Depending upon the circumstances, call a professional electrician to resolve the issue at the earliest.

2) Out of Order Thermostat

The thermostat is the major component of any ducted heating system. It controls the amount of heat coming from the system into the room or your residence. Due to its malfunctioning, your heating system may stop working. Initially, you need to check whether the thermostat is on or off. If it’s off, then switch it on and adjust the heat mode. Your thermostat might be running on batteries; in that case, consider replacing them to once more enjoy the comfort of your Brivis ducted heater.

3) Safety Switch On/Off

Safety switches are installed in ducted heating systems to protect people from electric shocks. These switches mainly prevent fans and furnaces from turning on when access panels are removed. So, if these switches are on, they will stop heating systems from operating. If you notice any issue with the malfunctioning of safety switches, consider consulting an expert technician.

Before Calling For a Service, Check This

There are multiple basic level issues which you can resolve yourself by avoiding the hassle of calling a technician and paying him any extra dollars. So, check these problems and act accordingly:

  • Examine the pilot light and gas supply to the system, and make sure that the pilot light is on.
  • Check the air filter. It should be free from all sorts of dust and dirt particles.
  • Also, ensure that at least seven or higher outlets are entirely open.
  • Check the power breaker. If it’s tripped, consider resetting the heater by turning on/off the power button.

The Bottom Line

If none of these solutions works for you, then talk to an expert technician to avoid any further damage. Technical issues must be dealt with the utmost care by ensuring the safety of workers and residents. So, it’s always preferable to call a professional person from a well-reputed organization to get the best quality. If you need any service regarding ducted heating repair, then feel free to contact Heating Experts at 1300 100 040 and get same-day service in all major cities of Australia.