During the winter season, you can always remain warm and cozy with a well-maintained and functional heater at your disposal. Arguably the most important device in your home, your heater is responsible for maintaining your desired home indoor temperature. What’s more, a good heater will also boost your indoor air quality as well as the efficiency of your house. This is why it is critical to ensure your heater remains in tip-top condition at all times.

If there are any problems with your heater, it is always important to have them repaired early enough before they develop into costly repairs. Check out for these common signs that might suggest your heater needs urgent repairs.

1. Your monthly electricity bill is abnormally high:

This is usually one of the first signs that something is wrong with your heating system. While utility firms are known to increase electricity rates from time to time, they usually do it gradually. So, if your energy bills sore up dramatically, it could be an indication that your heater may be using lots of energy just to keep your home warm and comfortable, a concrete sign that your heating unit isn’t functioning effectively and requires immediate professional diagnosis and repair.

2. Uneven cold and warm spots on your home:

If your furnace seems to work effectively in some areas of your home but leaves the other areas within your home cold regardless of how high you turn your thermostat, just know it’s time to call a professional for a repair. You’ll occasionally experience this type of problem if your heating system has ductwork issues. This only means that you’ll have to hire a proven heater repair and maintenance professional to examine your furnace and ducts to help diagnose and fix the identified problem.

3. The heater produces crazy sounds:

Of course, all heating and cooling units produce some noises. However, a heater in good working condition should function relatively quiet. So, if your heater has been producing unwanted noises lately, just know it is time to call a professional heater service. It is also imperative to note that furnaces usually tend to get louder with age. So, if your furnace is between 10 and 12 years old, it’s probably a great idea to invest in a new furnace.

4. The furnace short cycles quite often:

Short cycling refers to a scenario in which the heater turns on and off repeatedly throughout the day. There are several reasons why a furnace would short cycle. However, the most common causes include restricted airflow, overheating, dirty air filter, and perhaps a blocked exhaust vent. As you may have guessed, this is an issue you wouldn’t want to solve by yourself and you will have to contact your local heater maintenance and repair specialist to provide a lasting solution.

5. Your heater not starting at all:

This could indicate a potentially big problem, especially if it involves a gas-fueled furnace. On most occasions, it indicates some type of heater safety problem, such as a gas leak, faulty ignition, or any other similar issue that portrays a significant threat! This is a complex heater problem that should only be conducted by a proven heater service professional. And because your heater won’t turn on until the issue is corrected, you should act very fast and contact your local heater expert to examine your heater.

6. The pilot light isn’t blue!

Have you taken your time to examine the pilot light on your heater? According to furnace professionals, a properly working furnace will always have its pilot light producing a blue flame. This implies that if your pilot light’s flame is orange, yellow, green, red, or even purple, just know that you are having a heater problem to contend with. On most occasions, these colors indicate the presence of excess condensates on your heater, which impacts the overall efficiency and performance of your heating unit.

These are some of the most common signs that say your heater is in dire need of repair. So, if you notice any of them with your furnace, it’s time to contact your local heater repair and maintenance expert to diagnose and fix it. Don't worry, we are here to help you. We are a national company have technicians all over Australia. Just give a call, our experienced heater technician will be at your doorstep at your convenient time. Call on 1300 506 984