Is your gas heater not working? Wondering what the cause could be? Well, there are several common reasons for a gas heater to stop working. Here, we are going to take a look at them. Remember; you should never try to fix your gas heater yourself. Short of one or two problems on this list, it is much, much safer to have the problem dealt with by an expert in gas heater repair.

1 . There is a problem with the thermostat

If your gas heater isn't working, then there is a high chance that there is a problem with the thermostat. We are going to assume that you have already checked to see whether it has been accidentally switched off. If it isn't, then the batteries in the thermostat may have been completely drained. You can replace them.

If you still can't quite work out why the thermostat isn't working, then your gas heater may not be working due to one of the other reasons on this list.

2. Fuel Flow

Your gas heater needs natural gas to work. If there isn't gas flowing into the heater, then it simply isn't going to work. There are several reasons as to why fuel may not be flowing efficiently into your gas furnace. Nine times out of ten, when there are gas flow problems, it means that there is a blockage or leakage somewhere. This is not a problem that you should be attempting to fix on your own. Working with gas is incredibly dangerous. As a result, you will want to call in an expert on gas heater repair so they can easily identify and fix it for you.

3. Dirty filters

If you haven't cleaned the filters on your gas heater in a while, then they may be long overdue for a cleaning. This is something that you can do yourself, but make sure that you take all relevant safety precautions.

4. Internal parts have failed

Even if you buy the best gas heater on the market, it isn't going to last forever. Over time, the parts inside will start to break down. Thankfully, many of them can be replaced. This should help to keep your gas heater chugging along for a good few years yet. Of course, it is nigh on impossible to tell which parts have failed on your own. You do need to be working with a professional gas heater technician to work out what is causing the problem. However, the good news is that once they have seen what is causing the issue, they will be able to deal with it nice and quickly.

5. Lack of proper servicing

Your gas heater needs to go through a gas heater service at least once or twice a year. If it isn't, then small issues with the gas heater will quickly become big issues. In the vast majority of cases, a gas heater will have broken down because the owner didn't have regular servicing carried out. This servicing will give your gas heater a good clean, check whether there are any small issues that may cause a failure later on and replace any parts that are subject to wear and tear. Yes. A gas heater service is going to cost money, but a good service can also save you a lot of cash in the long term. Call us now on 1300 100 040 to know more about the service.