Gas furnace maintenance is a preventive heating service that includes a complete inspection and cleaning of your system. Experts suggest that a gas furnace should be serviced regularly, but just how frequently do you actually need to get your furnace serviced? This article will cover the top tips to keep your furnace operating at maximum efficiency.

Your gas furnace must serve you for years before you need to think about its repair or replacement. However, it can’t take care of itself unless you start maintaining it and checking it regularly. If it is unclean, clogged, or full of debris; you are responsible for its cleaning and maintenance. Scheduling gas furnace service is the only way to avoid spending your hard-earned money on it each season.

If you have purchased a new furnace every winter, it’s time to stop it. These five tips on gas furnace maintenance will keep your furnace in good condition for years.

1) Make sure you are working under super-secure conditions

Natural gas appliances can fail any time; so make sure you practice safety measures. Before inspecting or cleaning your gas furnace, turn it off. Ensure all the circuits connected to the furnace, including the power system, are off. Look for gas leaks before you start cleaning, as these gas leaks can cause fatal accidents or can be life-threatening. If there are leaks, call a gas furnace technician from Heating Experts to fix the problem. Once the furnace is fixed, proceed with the cleaning procedure.

2) Inspect the thermostat

Are you dissatisfied with the working of the thermostat after placing it around the room? If yes, look for the reason or problem with the thermostat, especially if it’s an old one. Chances are, your thermostat has completed its lifespan and requires a replacement. Check it and make sure it’s working fine, or needing to be replaced.

3) Clean your filter system

A filter system in a gas furnace is an essential component, as it prevents dirt and debris entering it. It is suggested that every furnace owner cleans or replaces the filter regularly based on usage. This is due to the reason that it filters and holds dirt, dust, and debris. Check it and note if it has gathered lots of dirt. If it is clogged, go for a replacement. Filters are available at an extremely reasonable price. Change it and save your gas furnace from a severe breakdown.

4) Check the furnace ducts

Furnace ducts can get damaged easily, particularly forced-air furnaces. In this kind of situation, you are supposed to clean ducts frequently with a high-powered vacuum cleaner. Once you are done, cover all the furnace ducts to avoid air leakage into the furnace.

5) Clean the blower

After cleaning the filter system, this is the second most important thing to be done for furnace maintenance. A blower is placed next to the air filter in a gas furnace. The dust, dirt, and debris move to the blower from the air filters. You must clean the pulleys and belts in the blower to eliminate the gathered dirt. You can get to the blower assembly by removing the panels covering the filter. The blower can simply be cleaned with a damp cloth.

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