As soon as you feel the air chill and cold increase, the very next thing you do is switch on your heater. Do you know an unserviced heater can make you sick? Here is something you may not know; your heating system might be making you sick.

How is your gas heating system making you sick?

We don’t usually think about our gas heaters as something that can make us sick, which makes this problem even more subtle. Dirt, pollen, dust, and other allergens gather in the ductwork during summer and spring. When you switch on your gas heater in the fall, they come leaping out into your lungs and to your place. If you haven’t cleaned or replaced your air filters, you may be breathing in dust and mould collected over time. The next thing that you will notice is a basic feeling of discomfort which may vary between rooms if the heating is variable from room to room.. Here are the signs your gas heater is making you sick.

1. Recycling dust and dirt particles in the air

Homes today are properly sealed to stop the air coming from the outdoors. But although this can help to save your money on bills, it also means that very little fresh air from the outdoors can spread throughout your home. Indoor air may consist of dust, pet dander, bacteria and mould spores. These particles are drawn into the vents and recycled via the ducts to spread throughout your home. Purchasing a supreme-quality air filtration system is an excellent way to reduce the effect dirt and dust can have on your health.

2. Carbon monoxide poisoning

Some heaters can give off toxic carbon monoxide gas into your home. This gas can be the reason for general discomfort, muscular pain, and even death. Carbon Monoxide is invisible and odourless, so it can be hard to observe. If you are conscious about it, consider buying a carbon monoxide detector to get alerts about the presence of this gas in your home.

3. Humidity issues

Gas heaters can make your home too dry, which can be the reason for skin, eye, throat, nose irritation, and more. If you notice that your air is excessively dry, buying a humidification system can make your home more comfortable.

These are some symptoms you can notice about your health.

  • Allergies, coughing, and sneezing – you may have these symptoms for the particles in the air and in your nasal passage. You may have allergies because of the dust and pollen existing in the air.
  • Itchy/ watery eyes – you can feel irritation or itching in your eyes because of dry air and too much dust.
  • Headaches – you can suffer sinus headaches and migraines because of the presence of dust, fungus and mould, and carbon dioxide from an old/faulty gas heater.

Final thoughts

Although your gas heater is important for your health and well-being during the freezing winters, it can also make you sick if it’s not maintained properly. At Heating Experts, we want your home to be a safer and more comfortable place. That’s why we offer gas heater installation, gas heater repair, and gas heater maintenance services designed to improve the quality of air in your home. Hire an expert gas heater technician today! Call us at 1300 100 040.