Once the spring season is over, summer will spread its wings. In the blazing heat of December to February, it's an arduous task to survive without the air conditioner. Due to disruptions caused by COVID-19, a vast majority of people have switched to online businesses, or are working from home.

In such conditions, living a comfort-filled life in the house can only be made practical if the internal temperature of the house is maintained. During summer, air conditioners can serve the purpose well. As the summer season is approaching, it's mandatory to check the home air conditioner to avoid any hassle at the eleventh hour. Let's dive deep into it:

1) Cleaning or Replacing of Filters

The first and foremost thing is to turn off the circuit breaker so chances of any potential damage or hazard can be avoided. Now look for the air filters; if they are clogged with dust, consider cleaning them. If conditions are not good, replacing them will be an optimal choice. As a precaution, changing them twice a year is a good option, but it completely depends upon usage and exposure to dust.

2) Cleaning of Condenser Coils

Condenser coils are directly responsible for the cooling of your room or residence. Clean these coils and remove all the dust and debris particles from the fan installed in the outdoor unit. It's a good practice to cover the outdoor unit at the end of the summer season and then unveil it at its start. This practice will protect your unit from a lot of dust and leaves so that the cleaning process will be a lot easier.

3) Cleaning of Blower Fan Blades and Drains

If your home air conditioner has a drain, ensure its thorough cleaning. Take a vacuum cleaner or a rag and remove dust and debris from the fan blades of the blower. During cleaning, don't disturb the unit's internal components; otherwise, you might not be able to reassemble it. This will lead to complications in your air conditioning unit. It's always  best practice to hire an expert technician to carry out the cleaning process before the start of the summer season.

4) Checking of Coolant Lines

Refrigerant pipes or tubes run through the air conditioner evaporator, and after passing through the air handler, these lines reach the condenser outside. These tubes are insulated by coolant foam. If you notice any areas where the sealant is frayed or missing, consider replacing it with a newer one before turning on the air conditioner. Wrapping these tubes with insulation tape in a spiral design can also serve the purpose.

Now, it's time to test the home air conditioner. Turn off the thermostat and switch on power at both the main panel and disconnect box. Finally, switch the thermostat to cooling, and sit back. Isn't it simple!

The Bottom Line

The cleaning process is crucial but relatively simple, and anyone can do it with a little effort. Just make sure to reassemble every part properly and don't apply additional force to the coils as they might get broken. Care should be taken as a little error can lead to problems. That's why it's preferable to seek assistance from an expert to avoid any potential damage. If you need an air conditioner cleaning service right in the comfort of your home, contact Heating Experts at 1300 100 040! We are offering same-day service in all the major cities of Australia at industry best prices.