If you own a gas heater, it is absolutely vital that you regularly have a gas heater service carried out. If you do not, then not only are you risking the chance of your gas heater breaking or operating inefficiently, but it will also be more prone to carbon monoxide issues, which could put your life at risk. So, how often should you have gas heater maintenance carried out? Let's take a look.

How regular should your gas heater maintenance be?

At the minimum, it should be once per year. You will preferably have it done shortly before the winter months begin. That way you can be sure that your gas heater is entering the colder months in absolute peak condition. Of course, there are some people who will have their gas heater serviced a little bit more often than this. If you can afford it, then you may want to consider having it done at least once per year.

If it has been more than a year since your gas heater was last serviced, and you are planning on using or are currently using it, then you need to get it looked at immediately.

What does a gas heater service entail?

A service will give your gas heater a check over. The heater technician will be looking for any small issues that may turn into bigger issues if not properly dealt with. This means that, on occasion, a service may turn into a full gas heater repair. This can help to ensure that your heater remains operational in the colder months, and it will also save you a lot more money in the long run. After all, those small heater problems can very quickly turn into big problems that may put your gas heater out of action permanently.

At the same time, the service technician will be able to give the gas heater a complete inspection. They will be able to check the filters and clean them out. They will ensure that the thermostat is accurate. They will ensure that there are no problems with carbon monoxide leakage. These are jobs that need to be carried out every single year to ensure that the heater remains efficient. These are not jobs that you will be able to do yourself.

Choosing an expert to maintain your gas heater

Dealing with gas is dangerous. If a gas heater is poorly maintained, then your health can be put at risk. This is why it is so important that you opt to work with a qualified expert. Anybody you hire to deal with any sort of gas appliance needs to be qualified. You also need to ensure that they are capable of working with heaters. This will ensure that the job is carried out efficiently and, if any spare parts are required, you will be able to obtain them easily.

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