The central zone control systems are one of the most advanced heating and air conditioning technologies by far. It adjusts the temperature of every room and is very efficient in doing so. With increased complications, the chances of getting entangled in problems also increase. Here we have enumerated four major problems that may develop in your zone control system.

1) Inefficient Thermostat

One of the most common issues of the zone control systems is based on the inapt functioning of thermostats. A malfunctioning thermostat will not be able to determine the temperature of the room, and will consequently affect the performance of the zone control system.

The problem can be easily dealt with by switching the thermostat off and turning it on again. If the issue persists, you can reset it. You may also try cleaning the batteries and the contact points. But in a case where the thermostat appears to be faulty, you can simply replace it, or even upgrade it.

2) Stuck Dampers

The dampers often develop issues because they have moving parts in them. The accumulation of dust and debris make the moving parts rub against each other. It also happens due to the lack of lubrication.

To eradicate this issue, you must clean the dampers. However, cleaning the dampers can be a difficult task because their location in the ductwork is not easily accessible. You cannot do it yourself, you will need a professional cleaning team that can help you in cleaning the stuck dampers.

3) Malfunctioning Control Panel

The whole system of the Zone Control System works by relying on the commands of the Control Panel. A faulty control panel will not be able to issue commands. In that case, it would affect the whole cooling and heating system of the house.

You must try to reboot the control panel by turning it off and switching it on again. If it doesn't respond properly, call a professional team like Heating Experts. Always remember that the control panels are very sensitive, and trying to repair them yourself might cause damage to it. So, in order to avoid any damages, or voiding the warranty, make sure to consult professionals.

4) Blocked Ducts

If you feel that the airflow is being obstructed, there is a chance that the ducts of the zone control system might be damaged. If your system is 10-15 years old, you must expect leakages. This is because of the fact that over time, cracks emerge in the ducts and cause leakage.

However, even if the system is not old, the accumulation of debris and dust particles can clog the ducts and reduce airflow. Also, if you live in an old building, you might face the issue of rodents, birds and insects making their nests inside the ducts. To deal with these issues, you will have to call a professional cleaning team.

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