Braemar is the world's first seven-star ducted gas heating range. It brings you energy efficiency and savings that are out of this world!

Moreover, Braemar ducted heating error codes help the homeowner to identify issues, as well as their solutions. The top-notch Braemar ducted heating system, made in Australia by Seeley International, is way better when compared to standard ducted systems, and it saves running costs of up to $534 per year.

What are Error Codes?

Error codes specify when something is not functioning well or needs to be repaired. Different error codes are for different issues and each helps you identify the problem and how to fix it.

Error codes are not rocket science and there is no hard and fast rule to read them and remove the faults and problems. To help you understand error codes in an easy way, we have listed down some of the most common error codes.

How to Manage Braemar Ducted Heating Error Codes?

Sometimes small errors in the system cause big issues. So, before you call a heater repair service, try to resolve the  Braemar ducted heating problems by yourself

1) Reset The System

In most cases, the problem gets resolved when you reset your system. However, by doing so, the onboard memory of the air conditioner will be deleted and you have to set it all again. Try to solve Braemar ducted heating problems by yourself before calling the heater servicer.

  • Turn off your AC or heating Power supply.
  • Unplug it from the main power point switch of the system.
  • Unplug the Isolator in the outdoor unit.
  • If nothing else works, try to shut down your home power supply for 20-30 mins.

2) Let the Expert Handle

In case you don't find any visible error or fault by yourself, we recommend calling an expert in heater maintenance or a ducted heater service near you.  The professional team or person will have a look at your system to find the cause.

Braemar Ducted Heating Error Codes

1) Error Code 02

Defect: Low PS/ Failed to close

Potential causes and their solution

  • Combustion fan blocked or not operating - clear blockage or replace, if needed.
  • Faulty pressure switch -  check suction pressure, or replace it.

2) Error code 07

Defect: Ignition failure

Potential causes and their solution

  • OT3 open - check the switch button, in case its open press the button
  • Ignition cable damage - examine Ignition lead/ Reconnect, if needed
  • Gas supply off - check and turn on

3) Error Code 04

Defect: Thermistor more than 70° during operation

Potential causes and their solution

  • Low room airflow - this is not a fault, but a normal situation
  • Thermistor too close to heater outlet - shift to 3m from heater along outlet duct

4) Error Code 10

Defect: Faulty HX OT1 switch/ Low room airflow

Potential causes and their solution

  • Temperature > 60°C / power supply interruption - move to 3m distance or reconnect, if required

5) Error code 18

Defect: Condenser pipe high pressure

Potential causes and their solution

This happens when the system gets overcharged, or the duct is clogged up in the condenser or when the condenser fan motor stops working. To solve the error, check all 3 phases, reverse or open reverse the phase. In case all 3 phases show correct voltage then swap any two of them to clear the fault.

  • Heater not level - check and rectify in the right direction

6) Error Code PH

Defect: DC Bus overvoltage protection

Potential causes and their solution

  • Dirty air filter - clean or change, if needed
  • Lack of refrigerant due to leak - check or replace with the right refrigerant

If you cannot decode the Braemar ducted heating problems by looking at the Braemar ducted heating error codes, we recommend hiring a heater repair or heater maintenance service. Let the professional handle the problem. Don't worry. Just give us a call on 1300 100 040. Our experts be at your doorstep at your convenient time.